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Simplify setup

Virror 6 years ago updated by Aaron Brown 6 years ago 3

I think the setup could be simplified a bit. This is my take on the process:

-Add a menu item, like: Window/LushLOD/Setup or something instead of having a button on the trees, this seems like an unlogical place to have it.

-Here the user have to assign all the references, like light source and camera and some settings

-When pressing Done, both the "parents" and "root" actions will be executed and the manager will be created in the scene. Both the light and camera would be set up as well and the post effect script would be added, BUT set to disabled. This would allow for automatically just enable/disable it when using the quality slider.

Im also thinking if there is a need to have 2 "update stuff" buttons? Are they slow? Less buttons are often a good idea, making it simpler for the user.

And the water cam setup is only needed if you use the crappy Water4 by Unity? if that's the case, might want to mention that in the setup (which is awesomely detailed btw).

Under review

Thanks for the feedback :)

You mention two "update stuff" buttons, which two buttons are you referring to?

All your ideas sound good, will look into it.

I was talking about the "root" and "parent" buttons. If they are slow operations, i guess it makes sense to have them separate, but if they are decently fast it might make sense to just have one button to make it easier.

It's in case the user did their parenting manually, they may not want to update the parents... but probably it isn't likely anyone will do parenting manually :)