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Unity 5.5.2 Can't get this to work! help..

quantum3d 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

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Please help, I decided to try LushLOD on my tropical islands project. Added terrain trees from tropical forest pack asset package. They are tree creator trees so I thought this would work just fine. It's not! why? I added them to tree converter folder + push play and it fails to complete the task. 

 Using Unity 5.5 

Please help!

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According to the error message I see in the console, it looks like that tree is missing a material that my script is expecting. Could you click on that error message and post a screenshot of the full error message for me?

The mobileblur shader should be in your folder: Assets\LushLOD Trees\Internal Files\Shaders\Post Processing\Resources\MobileBlur.shader

Check and see if it's there. When you click on it, the inspector should show that it is named: Hidden/LushLODTree/MobileBlur

If you see it there, and it has the correct name, then it *should* be finding it and not generating any error on that line of code. What platform / operating system are you targeting with your build settings?

Thank you for the quick response, it seems the post processing package from unity I imported into the project caused a conflict. I removed the post processing package from the project and re installed lushLOD into the project. I placed the trees again and this time it was able to complete.. I think. It seems the files are outputted into the new folder though. I had to turn play mode off, and this comes up. Not sure if it's really done the job?  I'm targeting htc vive VR platform, working on a sailing sim and we want tropical islands with lush trees. Unity 5.5.2p2

I don't see any leaves in those trees. Are those the converted trees, or the trees prior to conversion? I can't tell from the screenshot. And that error on line 42 definitely shouldn't be happening, something odd is happening and I haven't seen this issue or heard any other users reporting anything like this...

Honestly I would start over, with a new project, targeting either windows or mac, just to run the converter without any potential issues that might be happening from targeting the htc vive VR platform.  Be sure to set the new project to use either Gamma or Linear color mode (whichever color mode you are using in your htc vive VR project), so that the converted trees will be using the same color mode that your main project is using. Then import just LushLOD and the trees package you're wanting to convert, and run the converter scene for those trees... running the converter on windows or mac, in a new project, might help resolve these errors in case they're happening due to some conflict.

The goal of all the above paragraph is just to get the conversion done without trying to do the conversion on a project that is targeting the htc vive VR platform, since I've never tested it with htc vive VR so targeting that platform could be causing some issue with the conversion process.

Once the trees have been converted, you can take a look at one of them and make sure it has leaves (at least). Assuming it does, then you can take the output folder it creates, and copy that outputted folder over to your main project (the project that targets the htc vive VR platform), and hopefully they will work there with no issues. You'll still need to install LushLOD on that htc vive VR project if you haven't already done so, so you'll have the necessarily scripts and shaders that the trees need. But you won't need to run the converter on the htc vive VR project, because the conversion will be done already... you can just drag and drop the trees from that output folder into a scene in the htc vive VR project and hopefully they'll just work. Keep an eye out for any errors during this whole process, because no errors should appear.

Thank you, yes I've done just that. Fresh Unity project with just LushLOD and the tree package. Converted the trees I want for the game and exported the package. Added that package to the VR game I'm working on and placed the tree prefabs from the lushLOD output folder. I got most of the trees working with LushLOD and it's performing well in VR, still need to tinker with this, but I appreciate the help and support. Keep up the good work, I look forward to any new features down the road that help with VR game dev optimization.