VR compatible without artefacts

BL1TZ 1 year ago • updated by Need Hymn 1 year ago 1


I found  your asset on the unity assetstore and it said that LushLOD is VR compatible.

My only question is whether or not trees have "artefacts" when you look at them with a bright light behind it. I have tried some other tree assets as well in VR and in-between the branches (leaves) you can see white light distorting the Anti-aliasing and bringing up annoying artefacts.

I wanted to try your demo scene to test it with my HTC Vive headset, but I cannot seem to run the .exe file in VR Mode. Can you provide me with some feedback on how well this pack works in VR?

Warm regards

I do not have VR equipment so I haven't personally tested it with VR. But a couple of my users have, and they said it looked great. Be aware that Unity 2018 is coming out and I'm not doing any more updates on the 2017 version, but there are several updates coming for Unity 2018 which will improve the way the trees handle lighting, but there have been no tests yet for its appearance in VR on Unity 2018, so I can't make any promises.