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Thank you, yes I've done just that. Fresh Unity project with just LushLOD and the tree package. Converted the trees I want for the game and exported the package. Added that package to the VR game I'm working on and placed the tree prefabs from the lushLOD output folder. I got most of the trees working with LushLOD and it's performing well in VR, still need to tinker with this, but I appreciate the help and support. Keep up the good work, I look forward to any new features down the road that help with VR game dev optimization. 

Thank you for the quick response, it seems the post processing package from unity I imported into the project caused a conflict. I removed the post processing package from the project and re installed lushLOD into the project. I placed the trees again and this time it was able to complete.. I think. It seems the files are outputted into the new folder though. I had to turn play mode off, and this comes up. Not sure if it's really done the job?  I'm targeting htc vive VR platform, working on a sailing sim and we want tropical islands with lush trees. Unity 5.5.2p2