LushLOD Trees Support

Welcome to the support forum! If you are having any trouble with the trees, please be aware that LushLOD Trees is an early BETA product. There are still numerous glitches, and a lot of optimizations needed before these trees reach their full potential. In the mean time, I appreciate your patience!

Known Issues:

  • The trees have only been extensively tested on Windows platform.
  • The Post-Processor leaves a pixel-size distortion in the leaves.
  • Ultra quality isn't yet available for the TreeCreatorLeavesFast shader.
  • The billboards can sometimes cast real-time shadows on the HQ tree models.
  • The shaders use floats for everything, when lower-precision would sometimes work.
  • The shaders need lots of optimization (they were made in Shader Forge).
  • Billboard tree trunks don't always line up with HQ tree trunks on leaning trees.
  • Parent trees aren't always positioned in the most optimal locations.
  • The post processor performs more Blitz operations than may be necessary.
  • The post processor samples more pixels than may be necessary.
  • The trees do not always respond to real-time shadows from every source.
  • More documentation is needed.
  • No support for SM 2.0

You can help me make these trees truly awesome by posting any bugs or glitches that you find. Before you submit a new idea or bug, please run a search first to make sure that your issue hasn't already been addressed.

Not a bug

LOD not working properly when moving trees

Leon 6 months ago • updated by Aaron Brown 6 months ago 4

I am working on an AR game where I have a small city that can be placed in AR. However the LOD calculation calculates from Camera to original tree positions, not the ones where they are placed after. So basically you can get really close to the trees and they will still be billboard LOD. Is there a way to update this at runtime so the LOD still works properly after moving the trees to a new location?

Aaron Brown 6 months ago

The function that needs to be called is the "recalculate parents" function. There should be a button for it in the LushLOD Trees Manager window. Or, you can manually call that function from your code. The function is located in the _LushLODTreesManager.cs file. Any time you add any new trees, and any time you move any trees around, that function needs to be called again.


Black Trees in Android build

Nige 2 years ago • updated by Aaron Brown 2 years ago 24

Hi Aaran,

So we fixed the problem with actually building an apk with Lush in our project but when we install on a device the trees just show as black planes on the tree branches (see attached image)

I know you have said that that this has not been tested on mobile and I also know that we will probably not get a fix in time for us to include in our build we are pushing tomorrow - which is really unfortunate as I really like your system. But have you any suggestions or ideas for why this is happening and what can be done to fix it?

We have tried enforcing OpenGLES 3 when publishing and are publishing to Android 7.0.

ANY help or ideas will be really great. Thanks in advance.  

Under review

square shadows

Triadne 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 63

I have a couple of issues. first is that my shadows are square. it has the detail shadows, but it has square shadows as well. looks like it's casting both billboard and detail shadow at the same time. 

second issue is that it seems to have done something to my original trees. I can't use my original trees on my terrain now at all. it worries me. also, you have divide by zero errors when i run the tree conversion scene, and it won't stop running and i had to force quit unity.

Last thing, my unity trees had the ambient occlusion effect enabled. these new LOD trees do not seem to be showing it.


Cross-Fading Issue

Tom Scott 3 months ago • updated by Aaron Brown 3 months ago 1

The cross-fading system which goes from mesh to billboard and vice-versa is not behaving as I would expect. Once a cross-fade begins, it should complete in a set period of time even if I don't move any closer. Currently, if I move slowly toward a billboard tree it will begin to cross-fade, but if I stop moving then the tree is stuck in a partially faded state where it's obvious there are dithered pixels. When observing other fading systems in games as soon as the cross-fading begins, it completes within a set period of time (1-2 seconds) even if I stop moving.

Under review

Specular / Gloss

riley 5 months ago • updated by Aaron Brown 5 months ago 1

Hi just wondering if I am able to keep the specular / gloss map of my tree during the convert. Cheers


so it supports only Unity Tree Creator ? but not custom mesh trees?

Igor Levochkin 9 months ago • updated by Aaron Brown 9 months ago 1
Under review

error converting trees

jburnsnotice 10 months ago • updated by Aaron Brown 10 months ago 1

Hi! Thanks for the cool product. I get this issue when trying to convert trees from the "stylized Nature pack" by Mikael Gustaffson. By all the trees are poorly optimized, as in not at all. But they look great and fit my project so there ya go. Thanks for any help. Below is the console error that appears when in trying to convert those trees in  the tree converter scene

ArgumentNullException.Argument cannot be null.

Parameter name:shader

ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: shader
UnityEngine.Material..ctor (UnityEngine.Shader shader) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Shader.bindings.cs:97)
_LushLODTreeConverter.DoAlphaPadding (Int32 downsample, Single blurSize, Int32 blurIterations, UnityEngine.RenderTexture source, UnityEngine.RenderTexture destination) (at Assets/LushLOD Trees/Scripts/_LushLODTreeConverter.cs:2228)
_LushLODTreeConverter+<CreateBillboard>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () (at Assets/LushLOD Trees/Scripts/_LushLODTreeConverter.cs:942)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Coroutines.cs:17)

Under review

how many tree i can handle it fast when loading?

cocowen 12 months ago • updated 10 months ago 14

i use mapmagic spawn 300 tree , it take me 5s to loading the game ,but when i spawn 1500 trees , it always loading , at least 3mins ,i have to close unity , my plan is to create 5000 , what should i do 

Under review

Definition missing:

JamesWjRose 12 months ago • updated 12 months ago 2

I just purchased your asset, however when I open Unity (2107.3.1f1) I get 6 errors that state:  "Assets/LushLOD Trees/Scripts/_LushLODTreeSceneConverter.cs(162,38): error CS1061: Type `Tree' does not contain a definition for `data' and no extension method `data' of type `Tree' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?"

Your class name is just "Tree" and could not find that class, I found the "_LushLODTree" class....   so, how do I fix this?

Also, if this helps, I added your trees to the Terrain section to paint the trees, but it did not do anything, not even an error.   It was when I rebooted and restarted the project that I got these errors.

Under review

Baked Billboards Black

Burak 1 year ago • updated by Aaron Brown 1 year ago 1

Hi there,

We are making a flight simulator. We need lots of trees and I created billboard trees from your models and materials. I placed the trees on the entire terrain with Gaia as seperate game objects and mesh baked them in groups. However after I bake my scene lighting, trees get black. When I import your asset again, trees go back to normal color. But when I re-open the scene, trees get back to black. I am using LushLODTree/Tree_Leaves2 shader. Can you help me?