LushLOD Trees Support

Welcome to the support forum! If you are having any trouble with the trees, please be aware that LushLOD Trees is an early BETA product. There are still numerous glitches, and a lot of optimizations needed before these trees reach their full potential. In the mean time, I appreciate your patience!

Known Issues:

  • The trees have only been extensively tested on Windows platform.
  • The Post-Processor leaves a pixel-size distortion in the leaves.
  • Ultra quality isn't yet available for the TreeCreatorLeavesFast shader.
  • The billboards can sometimes cast real-time shadows on the HQ tree models.
  • The shaders use floats for everything, when lower-precision would sometimes work.
  • The shaders need lots of optimization (they were made in Shader Forge).
  • Billboard tree trunks don't always line up with HQ tree trunks on leaning trees.
  • Parent trees aren't always positioned in the most optimal locations.
  • The post processor performs more Blitz operations than may be necessary.
  • The post processor samples more pixels than may be necessary.
  • The trees do not always respond to real-time shadows from every source.
  • More documentation is needed.
  • No support for SM 2.0

You can help me make these trees truly awesome by posting any bugs or glitches that you find. Before you submit a new idea or bug, please run a search first to make sure that your issue hasn't already been addressed.


Transparency bug

Joe Higashi 6 years ago updated by Enrique Martínez 5 years ago 17


I just tested your lushLOD trees demo and this is what it looks like:

As you can see, the transparency dithering is not ok.

I'm on a laptop with an Nvidia GTX765m and DX11

With the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600, the dithering is correct but the framerate dips to 9fps on FullHD. On 720p fps goes from 30 to 19, wich is very good given how bad the HD 4600 is.

Aaron Brown 5 years ago

Version 0.71 has been submitted to the asset store for approval, which contains the fix for the lines that were appearing.

Under review

Simplify setup

Virror 6 years ago updated by Aaron Brown 6 years ago 3

I think the setup could be simplified a bit. This is my take on the process:

-Add a menu item, like: Window/LushLOD/Setup or something instead of having a button on the trees, this seems like an unlogical place to have it.

-Here the user have to assign all the references, like light source and camera and some settings

-When pressing Done, both the "parents" and "root" actions will be executed and the manager will be created in the scene. Both the light and camera would be set up as well and the post effect script would be added, BUT set to disabled. This would allow for automatically just enable/disable it when using the quality slider.

Im also thinking if there is a need to have 2 "update stuff" buttons? Are they slow? Less buttons are often a good idea, making it simpler for the user.

And the water cam setup is only needed if you use the crappy Water4 by Unity? if that's the case, might want to mention that in the setup (which is awesomely detailed btw).