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Since the time of my last comment 2 weeks ago, I've posted a major update to LushLOD Trees. It's now version 0.8, and there are new features, more controls over the way shadows are rendered in the leaves, and better handling of ambient light in the trees. But it will only install LushLOD version 0.8 if you have Unity 2018.1 or higher.

I will continue to fix bugs in older versions though, so if you still have problems with running the trees on Unity 2017, let me know. But just wanted to let you know that there's quite a nice update waiting for you when you do decide to upgrade to Unity 2018.1. :)

I just wanted to drop in to say that I'm currently uploading LushLOD version 0.8, which will be the first update for Unity 2018.1+. In this update, I don't think the issue with the wind zones has been addressed. But the problem with the flickering *may* be fixed. I do know that significant improvements and changes were made to the way the trees handle lighting, including ambient occlusion. If the flickering had anything to do with ambient occlusion, there's a chance it may be fixed. The update should appear on the asset store within the next few days, once it is approved.

I loaded the project into 2017.3 and loaded the demo scene, and it didn't give me any error about the alder not having a mesh renderer. Could it be possible that you damaged the alder file? Maybe reinstalling the project file for the alder tree would solve that problem.

As for the light baking, that's an easy fix, I'll fix that error message and post an update soon with that change.

Sorry for the late reply. Updating to 2018 won't fix this, I'll need to fix this on my end. I'll let you know once I've done the fix.

When I went to line number 2228 of my version of the _LushLODTreeConverter.cs file, it's a comment, not a line of code at all. But I have multiple versions of that file, for different versions of Unity. Let me know what version of Unity you are using. If you edited that file in any way, then you can email me a copy of your _LushLODTreeConverter.cs file, to my email address at, or just copy and paste the area of code where the error is, right here as a reply, so I can see what line of code is causing the error. I may be able to guess what the problem is just by looking at the line of code that's causing the error.

Which version of Unity are you using? These errors should not be appearing, but probably are happening in the version of Unity that you are using. Ill need to update the trees to work on your Unity version, to fix these errors.

You can look at the console window to see if there are any error or warning messages during the loading of the game. If there is no error or warning messages in the console, then you can also try using Unity's built-in "Profiler" to check to see exactly what function is causing the long loading delay. It definitely should not take longer than a few seconds to enter the game. The profiler will be able to show you which function is causing the delay. The profiler is part of Unity itself, and not part of my package, but if you do not know how to use the profiler then you can look on Google or youtube to find some tutorials on how to use the profiler. Let me know if you are able to determine which function is causing the most delay, and then we can try to figure out what specific line of code is generating the errors. To create such a long delay of 10 to 20 minutes, it must be creating many thousands of errors during the loading process. The profiler won't tell you which line of code is causing the errors, but it can tell you how much time was spent working on each function. Once we know which function is taking so long to load, then we can work to determine which line of code specifically.

The trees shouldn't take longer than a few seconds to load, they must be generating errors which is slowing down their loading speed. What version of Unity are you using?

The "Tree" class is built into Unity, it's not part of my package. The missing "data" definition ought to be there, and if it isn't, then Unity may have removed it from that particular version of Unity. Please note that I have not updated LushLOD Trees to the latest beta version of Unity. Once Unity 2018 is out of beta, I will update LushLOD to the 2018 version.

My trees do not use the "data" component of the "Tree" class for anything whatsoever, so you could try to simply comment out (or otherwise bypass) any lines that are trying to use the "data" definition of the "Tree" class. If my memory is correct, my trees don't use that "data" component for anything whatsoever, I think I put it in for potential future use or something like that, so if you are code savvy you may be able to comment out or otherwise bypass the parts of the lines of code that are messing with "data". 

Again, I'll have this fixed once I update to Unity 2018 which will be as soon as it's out of beta. 

If you're getting stuck on any particular line of code that you can't figure out how to comment out or bypass the "data" component, please let me know what line of code it is and I'll tell you how to fix it. Sorry about this problem.