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I have uploaded a potential fix here:

Note: this file will only be available for a temporary time. I'll take it down once I'm sure this issue has been solved.

I can't really test it on every graphics card so I can only hope that the lines will be gone. I'm marking this issue as fixed for now. But if it isn't fixed, let me know and I'll reopen it again.

This fix did uncover a new and minor glitch that rarely happens, but I'm too tired to do any more tonight. Will look into that other rare glitch more tomorrow.

Joe, I can't quite tell from your screen shot, but are the billboards appearing correctly in the distance on Ultra setting?

The post process measures the size of the screen, to grab a few nearby pixels. And by the looks of it, it is skipping over some. Now that I know where it is, I should hopefully have this fixed within the day. I let you know.


Thanks for this screenshot and bug report. I wish I could have been able to test the trees on other platforms, or had some beta testers before release. I tried to recruit some beta testers on the forums but I had little luck doing that. There is are two shaders that could possibly be causing this glitch. One is the tree's shader itself,and the other is the full-screen post processing effect shader....

In the demo, if you use the slider for Billboard Quality, you can change it to "Great". Changing it to great will turn off the post-processing shader completely. I'd be very curious to know if doing this would fix the lines that are appearing, as that would tell me that the glitch is for sure being caused by the post processing effect.

It's in case the user did their parenting manually, they may not want to update the parents... but probably it isn't likely anyone will do parenting manually :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

You mention two "update stuff" buttons, which two buttons are you referring to?

All your ideas sound good, will look into it.